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Breast cancer is the most common
cancer in women worldwide,
representing 16% of
all female cancers


It is estimated that in 2004,
519 thousand women died
from breast cancer worldwide


Studies show more than 55%
of patients with early
stage breast cancer
do not need chemotherapy


In Mexico, 23 thousand
new cases of breast cancer are
diagnosed every year

Secretariat of Health

In Mexico, breast cancer
is more common in women
over the age of 40

Secretariat of Health

In Mexico, breast cancer
is the leading cause
of death since 2006

Secretariat of Health

  • Why should you receive the right treatment?
    What is the right treatment for you?

      • When you receive your initial breast cancer diagnosis, your doctor must determine if you are at risk to develop metastasis or recurrence. According to your individual risk of recurrence or if the cancer has the potential to spread, your doctor will determine the best treatment for you.

        When your profile is low-risk of recurrence it is possible that we recommend only one type of hormonal therapy. But, if you have a high-risk profile, it is possible that we recommend stronger treatment like chemotherapy.

  • What is MammaPrint®?

      • Mammaprint is the only gene expression profile test authorized by the FDA to evaluate individual risk of breast cancer metastasis.

  • How does MammaPrint® help you?
    How can a MammaPrint® test benefit me?

      • Mammaprint presents a significant advancement in truly personalized cancer treatment and diagnostics. The test provides new and independent information on your individual risk and can help you and your doctor make more informed decisions on the use of hormonal therapy on its own or combined with chemotherapy.

  • Does my insurance cover the MammaPrint® test?

      • We work with more than 90% of insurers in Mexico. Contact us, we can find a solution for you.

“Thanks to Genethic Services I discovered that each cancer is different, so a different treatment must be given to each person”

Monica Espin

Genethics Patient

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